Open Cell T15 (Lay On)

General Details

SEPA T15 open cell ceiling systems; is an open ceiling system that consists of U type panels which has 15mm base and 40mm height. The cells can be different models of square and rectangular type in order to give the architects and customer limitless space for design.

Panels can be used with T15 or T24 carrier systems which also offers a trackless system in which you cannot spot the carrier due to its same colors. Sepa Open cell systems can be produced perforated with acoustic flee to fulfill various acoustic needs.

Sepa T15 open cell ceiling systems can be manufactured as single panels demounted which would be economical for transport or 600*600mm mounted panels in order to minimize the labor and installation time at the site.

Technical Specifications

Material Aluminium
Cell 50×50, 60×60, 75×75, 85×85, 100×100, 120×120, 150×150, 200×200
Height/Base 40 mm / 15 mm
Carrier System T15
Color Standart Ral 9016 White, Ral 9006 Grey, Ral 9005 Black or Ral Choices